Garrett M. Stelly

...also known as 'Gritz'


I am seeking a work opportunity alongside a team of individuals who not only can recognize and excercise my personal skillset, but also challenge me to think and create beyond my current ability. I am a practiced designer with 8+ years of experience in the field and the mindset to learn. I hope that employment not only means I have a job, but I have a setting to express myself through my work and to hopefully open my mind to other styles and methods of art and profession.


  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette Studied three semesters in Computer Science, studied one semester in Graphic Design.
  • South Louisiana Community College Studied two semesters in Digital Media Design. Currently enrolled.
  • Fully completed one course on HTML and CSS styling.
  • Constantly and currently learning new and different ways to develop the web in efficient, effective, and smart new ways.

Design Work History:

No-Name Vinyl Records & Music Etc.
  • Designed and frequently updated unique branding and logo.
  • Created multiple business cards aligned with branding identity.
  • Produced multiple flyers and notices for use on print and social media.

Fleur de Lis Candles
  • Created a custom-shaped 3D graphic for use in many pieces of media.
  • Designed multiple business cards for the business entity and store personell.
  • Published an advertisement in 'FACE' Magazine.
  • Produced an informational brochure designed to guide wholesale customers. Includes illustrations depicting each available product.

La Pizzeria
  • Created multiple promotional and informational flyers, cards and other items for use at the business and around the local area.
  • Designed employee uniforms and promotional T-Shirts. Insured that all colors had PANTONE swatch identities.
  • Configured a 'Display Screen' in the dining area and created slides to showcase current menu options, upcoming deals, and monthly specials.
  • Produced employee training diagrams for use in the kitchen area.

Liggio Insurance Agency
  • Vectorized a pre-existing logo.
  • Assembled and designed display screen and slides for use in-store.

Lake Charles Community Smash
  • Designed, printed and laminated club-flyer style notices for an event.
  • Created a digital image file to display local 'player ranking' for use on social media.

Rayne Historical District Association
Designed, created and printed a unique event flyer which includes a large vector-art of a vintage accordion in use.

Joppe Cafe
Designed and printed multiple menus in alignment with the style of the business.

Reaux Chiropractic
Restructured and redesigned a pre-existing WordPress website. Hard-coding through HTML and CSS were involved in the redesign of this website in order to display all items clean and effectively.

Dubea Consulting
Vectorized a pre-existing logo concept.

Courtesy GMC
Designed a unique and personalized business card using defined company branding.

Garrett Michael 'Gritz' Stelly Myself. Designed and created all forms of media from the beginning, to business cards to flyers and now my own website and resume.

Supervising Experience:

  • Raxxar Technologies (< 1 Year): Project Manager, Executive Assistant and Systems Advisor. Created training documents, assisted in the teaching of new practices and followed through with the understanding of new practices, imagined and created systems of processes to be followed through in a spacious, consistent and timely manner.
  • South Louisiana Community College (2 Years): Tutored classmates in the fields of Web Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and web design softwares.
  • Camp Woodmen (3 Years): Cabin Counselor and activity director at Woodmen of the World's Camp Woodmen Summer Camp. At any point in time, was in charge of more than 7 children, ages 8 years through 15 years old.


A short list of my personal 5-year goals are as follows:

  • Own my own clothing line, or at least a few articles from said clothing line.
  • Produce and maintain a popular 'web-series', which involves a lot of video editing.
  • Imagine and create an innovative piece of software to make the web a more enjoyable environment for viewers and content creators alike


  • Charles 'Jeff' Darwin
    • 941.224.5841
    Digital Arts Instructor.
  • Lyn Askin
    • 337.347.6011
    CEO at Raxxar Technologies
  • Christopher Porter
    • 337.298.9430
    General Manager at La Pizzeria.
    Oversees all designs made for La Pizzeria.
  • Matt Fontenot
    • 337.989.2323
    Manager at Liggio Insurance Agency.
  • Tayler Feliz
    • 504.451.4898
    Web Design Teacher.
  • Zachary Edwards
    • 318.969.8179
    2016 Presedential Candidate Campaign Manager in Louisiana.