Garrett Gritz Stelly


Incremental Browser Game

A fun game to play whenever you are bored.

Clicks: 0
Research Points: 0
Requires 1 available device. Click Power: 1 click per click
Cost: 1 clicks
↓ To win the game, buy the private island below ↓
Cost: 1,000,000 Clicks


Devices can be smartphones, desktop or laptop computers, tablets and anything with a browser. Devices are required to run a bot and can be upgraded to run more efficiently. Susceptible to hardware and software malfunctions, as well as natural disasters, robbers and hackers.

Available Devices: 1
Remaining Space: 1
cost: 200 clicks


Bots running: 0

Bots can either be purchased on a subscription, or created by researching and learning to code. Each bot clicks once per second. Manually installed bots are suceptible to hackers, but rented bots are not as the manufacturer will repair them for you. A higher research level will protect you against hackers

Requires 1 available device and costs 50 clicks. Rented bots charge at the end of every minute of gameplay, regardless of when you buy them.
Requires 1 available device and 10 research points; Bots: 0


These upgrades will enhance your gameplay, but come at a cost! Requires 1 available device to install the upgrade.

Requires 1 research points.
Cost: 500 Clicks.
Cost: 250,000 Clicks.
Requires 36 research points.
Cost: 10,000 clicks.


Buildings are somewhere to put additional devices. One building can hold 4 devices Susceptible to robbers and natural disasters. You lose any devices in the building if you can’t pay for it.

Cost: 2,000 clicks up front and 200 per minute.
Cost: 5,000 clicks once and 200 clicks property tax per hour.

Debug Screen